Dental Suction System

Safety for you, your staff and your patients


Safety for you, your staff and your patients

During a dental procedure, despite the use of conventional suction units, the operating room still fills up with aerosol particles. These particles are a mixture of saliva, blood, bits of ground teeth as well as bacteria and viruses. It is the invisible bacteria and virus molecules that act as a potential source of infection for all parties present.
As a dentist with thirty years of professional experience, I have developed a new, mobile, system for aerosol suction called POOI. I have been using POOI in my dental practice while I operate. The system has been performing exceptionally well.
The Corian Suction table (CST) is the most important component of the suction system. CST lies on the patient’s chest and is therefore in closer proximity to the source of aerosol. This ability for the product to be in closer proximity to the aerosol paired with its larger surface area ensures that the highest concentration of air-borne particles is removed from the air. The risk of infection and transmission of virus is greatly reduced.
The POOI suction system is a square unit made out of Corian material. Within it there is a vacuum motor with 3 HEPA filters. These filters are 99.97% effective in air filtration. Attached to the central unit is an expandable hose connecting filters to the CST suction table resting on the patient.
POOI is simple and safe to use and does not require any additional technical knowledge and training.

POOI can be located inside or outside the operation room.

Technical specifications

50cm x 50cm x 75cm
230 V
50/60 Hz
1100 W
pmax >= 11 kPa
Qmax >= 4,0 m3 /min


POOI purify protect

POOI suction system
POOI suction system
POOI suction system
POOI suction system
POOI suction system

Early bird

1 x POOI suction system

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Delivery time: 30 days

Early bird

1 x additional CST

345,00 EUR

490,00 EUR

Delivery time: 30 days

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